• Starters

    • Salad Caprese (V)

      R 85

      Fresh tomatoes, soft mozzarella, rocket and parmesano shavings

    • Vitello Tonnato

      R 95

      Served with a Crown of Salad leaves

    • Springbok Carpaccio with Chakalaka Cheese

      R 88

      Served with Malay spiced oil

    • Beef Carpaccio with confit of tomato

      R 98

      Served with truffle vinaigrette

    • Duo of Tuna

      R 110

      Served with Stir-fry noodles and Teriyaki sauce

    • Prawns, Chorizo and King Mushrooms Salad (Chef Thabo Special)

      R 99

      (Chef Thabo Special)

    • Brandy Bisque Soup

      R 95
    • Mussel Soup

      R 92
    • Duck Spring Roll

      R 95

      Served with Baby Mixed Salad, Blue Cheese and Orange Syrup

    • Gratinated rösti with Parma ham and brie topped with truffle oil (V)

      R 89

      Served with a crown of Baby mixed Salad

    • Shrimp Cocktail

      R 92

      Served with Sweet Chilli Sauce Avocados and Olives

    • Starter or Main

    • Spicy Seafood Spaghetti (Cream based)

      R 89 / R 169
    • Tomato Risotto

      R 81 / R 139

      With Mascarpone

    • Antipasto platter

      R 96 / R 169

      Cold meat and a variation of marinated vegetables and cheese

    • Creamy Beef fillet Tagliatelle

      R 86 / R 162

      With Parmigiano and Spring Onions

    • Home Made Gnocchi (V)

      R 87 / R 159

      Tomato sauce with white button mushrooms and Parma Ham

    • Tagliatelle Terra Mare (V)

      R 89 / R 165

      Tomato based cream sauce with pancetta, mushrooms and shrimps

    • Shrimp Risotto

      R 90 / R 169

      Infused with Prawns Bisque and Pecorino shavings

    • Main

    • Pan-Fried Beef Ribeye served with Potato Gratin

      R 189

      Green bean and bacon ragout “choose your sauce”

    • Grilled Beef Fillet

      R 196

      Served with seasonal vegetables, baby potatoes and a duo of red wine and mustard sauce and confit of onion

    • Baby Chicken

      R 179

      Served with roasted veggies and spicy potatoes

    • Pan-Fried Free Range Chicken Supreme

      R 98

      Served with Pesto Veggie Tagliatelle and a Mustard Sauce

    • Seared Sashimi Tuna

      R 195

      Served with Baby Mixed Salad, Avocado and 5 Sauces

    • Panfried Sole

      R 189

      Served with Basmati Rice, Cherry Tomato and Avocado Salsa

    • Kudu Fillet


      Served with couscous veggies and berry jus

    • Rack of Veal


      Served with Olive and Sundried Tomato Risotto, Root Veggies and Red Wine Sauce

    • Panfried Norwegian Salmon


      Served with Cape Malay Mash and Lemon Butter Sauce

    • Desserts

    • Tiramisu

      R 75
    • Home Made Cheescake

      R 79
    • Limoncello Sorbet

      R 64
    • Terra Mare Cheese Platter

      R 99
    • Duo of Crème Brûleé

      R 75
    • Malva Pudding

      R 72

      Served with Vanilla Ice-Cream

    • Crepes Suzette

      R 82

      Served with vanilla Ice-Cream

    • White Chocolate Mousse

      R 68
    • Chocolate Fondant

      R 68

      Served with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Butterscotch Sauce